Liberals decide on acting defense minister Nicolae Ciucă as their pick for PM to end political crisis

Foto: INQUAM/Octav Ganea

The ruling Liberal Party says acting defense minister Nicolae Ciuca is their pick for prime minister in what they hope will move them closer to forming a new government after almost two months of political stalemate.

The ruling Liberal Party voted Thursday to propose Mr Ciuca, 54, as the party’s choice for prime minister. He needs to get the support of the Social Democrats which are in negotiations for a new government.

Both parties say they will install a new government within the week, even though they haven’t agreed on key appointments.

Seeking to stress that the whole party agreed with the decision, members said Liberal Party chairman Florin Citu, the acting prime minister, made the pick.

Mr Citu was dismissed in a no-confidence vote in October sparking the political crisis. He wanted to remain prime minister but lacked support.

The Liberals voted unanimously for Mr Ciuca in a meeting Thursday, Agerpres reported.

Mr Ciuca will negotiate the formation of a new coalition government with Social Democrats and the party that represents the interests of the Hungarian minority.

Liberal party chairman Citu will also take part in negotiations for a new government,

Another Liberal Party leader Rareş Bogdan said Nicolae Ciucă was the best choice for a new prime minister because he was „rigorous, disciplined and knows the architecture of the Romanian state.”

„He also knows what’s happening with the pandemic and European and Euro-Atlantic partnerships thanks to his management skills,” Mr Bogdan added. “Romanians don’t have any more time to waste. We have to finalize negotiations.”

“We will agree how to raise pensions. We will keep the flat tax, it is a red line for the Liberals and will increase child allowances.”

Social Democrat leader Marcel Ciolacu said his party had a candidate for the post of prime minister and would let the Liberals know in the next round of negotiations on Friday.

UPDATE: One or two? Parties negotiating new Romanian government can’t agree on how many premiers to nominate



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