Luxury automobile and truck dealer MHS Holding says its business rose to 415 million euros in 2019

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Regional luxury automobile dealer and truck importer MHS Holding says its business turnover increased to 415 million euros last year, a 12.4% growth from the previous year which also saw a spike in business.

Company managers outlined their plans for growth in 2020 and said a drive to push up truck sales would be a main focus of the group this year.

Last year, the holding sold 8,693 vehicles in Romania, Germany and Austria, company chairman Michael Schmidt said.

„We had a profit in all areas last year,” Schmidt said, explaining that for the last four years, the different companies have been grouped under a holding in Austria.

The holding groups Automobile Bavaria, MHS Truck & Bus, MHS Motors, Bavaria Mobility, Schmidt Automobile, Schmidt Premium Cars and MHS Automotive.

 “We are continuing to import MAN trucks and we want to develop this business,” Schmidt said Monday.

The MHS Truck & Bus Group grew by 0.8% last year, performing well as the overall market for heavy vehicles in Romania fell by 8%.

The group will focus on pushing digital solutions for MAN vehicles and developing a national network of MHS Truck Services in new offices in Oradea, in western Romania near the Hungarian border. It will serve as a dealer and also offer After Sales services to clients said  Claudia Iordache, the executive director of MHS Truck & Bus Group. 

The company which is the biggest dealer of BMW automobiles in southeast Europe reported an increase of 18% in sales in Romania alone, selling 3,147 new and second-hand models.

Automobile Bavaria has been operating for 26 years, and business has steadily grown in recent years. It has 1,180 employees in Romania, Germany and Austria and Monday’s figures followed growth of 14% in 2018.

Georg Pfeffer, the CEO Automobile Bavaria said following the digitalization of the business, the company was seeking to expand its service capacities by up to 30%.

“Making customers happy and consolidating a good relationship with them is one of our main goals this year,” he said.

“We also want to extend the network of service facilities for MINI and BMW Motorrad.”, he added.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars München grew by one-fourth in 2019, but Schmidt said he was “honored by two events: the annual conference in  Shanghai of all the Rolls Royce dealers where we won the prize for Global Dealer of the Year, while we won Importer of the Year 2019 for MAN for all of southeast Europe.” He founded the group and is the chairman of MHS Holding,  Rolls-Royce Motor Cars München & Bucharest. 

The group said it would continue to support cultural and sporting events this year, including the International Theater Festival in Sibiu and the Bucharest National Theater.

The company will provide a MAN bus and 11 MINI automobiles for the Gheorghe Hagi National Academy, managers said.

The company is also a partner for the city of Timisoara, European city of culture in 2021, and will make BMWs, MINI and MAN trucks available for the event.

“We are honoured to be involved in an event of this prestige,” Schmidt said. “We want to contribute to the success of local culture which is one of the best ways of promoting the country’s brand.”


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