Maria Zakharova claims that Romanian is Moldovan dialect and Bogdan Aurescu doesn’t exist

The spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zaharova has recently made a series of controversial statements about Romania, the Romanian language, and the Republic of Moldova. She has accused Romania of occupying Bessarabia until 1940, and therefore responded to Romanian support of the Republic of Moldova’s replacement of the „Moldovan” language with Romanian as follows:

„Giving up the Moldovan language, the current regime in Chisinau addresses the question: whose is Bessarabia now (which until 1940 was occupied by Romania) and who do the Dniester lands belong to (which until 1940 were part of Ukraine)? Now the Moldovan language, in a paradoxical, official way, has been preserved only in Transnistria. If you want to transcribe the language, then you should follow the historical logic by naming the Romanian language as the Moldovan language and not vice versa”,  Zaharova wrote on Telegram, also stating that „the Moldovan language is the language ancient of the Moldovans, mentioned in the works of the 17th century”, and “the Romanian language itself took shape only at the end of the 18th century”.

„The adoption of the mentioned Law has a deep symbolic meaning, as it restores the scientific truth regarding the name of the official language of the Republic of Moldova and confirms the status of the Romanian language as the official language of the Republic of Moldova. It also reconfirms the community of language, history and culture between Romania and the Republic of Moldova”, the MFA transmitted.

Now Bogdan Aurescu has stated the unanimous Romanian opinion: „This so-called Moldovan language does not exist, it is an artificial construction, which was created by the Soviet Union and was later used by Russia for disinformation purposes”.

In response to this statement, Maria Zakharova reacted as follows:

Minister Aurescu declared that the Moldovan language was created artificially during the Soviet period. Mr. Bogdan Aurescu never existed either, but in the end he was created. It is now possible to call it an artificial construction„.

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