More than a quarter of children in Romania don’t have indoor toilets. In the European Union, it’s 2.6%

More than one-quarter of children in Romania don’t have an indoor toilet at home, while one in five have neither running water nor an indoor toilet, World Vision Romania said.

World Vision, an international non-governmental organization, published a study on “Child welfare in rural areas,”  on Tuesday contrasting the figure to the European Union average of 2.6%.

The study said about 13.5 million people in Romania were connected to water mains _ that’s 69.4% of the population.

In rural areas just 35.3% of the population has access to running water, according to Romania’s National Statistics Institute.

The 2018 study cited an education and research ministry report that showed Romania had 2,219 schools and kindergartens with outdoor lavatories and no running water

It said that almost 1,500 schools and kindergartens had ‘non-compliant’ sanitary facilities. However, a year ago, the situation had improved, with 1,180 schools in the same situation.

Eurostat figures which were published on World Toilet Day in November 2019 showed that 27.7% of Romanians didn’t have an indoor toilet. The number of outdoor lavatories is ten times higher than the European Union average.

“We want to draw attention to the need for long-term health education in Romania, a country where many schools in the rural areas don’t have running water and inside toilets,” Mihaela Nabar, the executive director of World Vision said.

“The situation is being perpetuated at home for these children who don’t have the financial resources to buy basic products such as soap, while precarious hygiene is an ongoing source of sickness in disadvantaged communities.”

World Vision is an international non-government organization that works to eliminate poverty worldwide.


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