Museum of Humor opens in Romania

The Museum of Humor, a unique project in Romania, created by cartoonist Costel Pătrășcan, one of Romania’s most important contemporary graphic artists, opened this month and is hosted in the Lyra Palace of Culture in Braila’s historic center.

„The idea of establishing a Museum of Humor came up from the fact that here in Braila we have an International Cartoon Salon and a comic short prose festival. I thought that there is a large number of works in the portfolio, which we could exhibit in this Museum of Humor. I took the first steps seven years ago. There was some enthusiasm in the beginning, but the fact that we are seven years away, and the result is zero, says it all. Anyway, the first seven years are important, now we are in first grade”, Pătrășcan stated.

Braila Mayor Marian Dragomir stated publicly that he want to further collaborate with cartoonist Costel Pătrășcan, whom he sees as „a special talent” and whose caricatures he smiles at, including when he is their subject.

„It will be a living institution, sincere, friendly with those who will walk through its door and full of humor. The Humor Museum is not only about caricature, there will be here thousands of humor books, comedy films, comedy shows, conferences on the theme of humor, but above all, the museum will be about the joy of living a few hours differently”,Pătrășcan says.

Costel Pătrășcan is one of Romania’s most viral satirical cartoonist of Romania. He won over 100 national awards and over 40 international awards. He coordinates endeavors with a civic and ecological character, in which a large number of citizens participate. He has been drawing for the European Commission in Romania for five years.

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