New Romanian school year begins with ‘European style’ changes

Nearly 3 million Romanian children returned to school on Monday to a raft of changes designed to bring the education system in line with schools in other European countries.

The 2022-2023 school year started about ten days earlier than the traditional mid-September returns to class.

Pupils will have a new grading system, and will get a yearly mark rather than being assessed twice a year They will have five modules instead of the classic three semesters. This means they will have additional holidays including half-terms. The school year is 36 weeks long.

„We want to offer every child the chance to choose a path where he or she can do well,” Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said.

One thing most school students will probably like about the changes are the extra school holidays. Their first break will be on Oct. 21.

Education Minister Sorin Campeanu said there would be less pressure on grades and teachers would find other ways to evaluate and encourage youngsters.

„Let’s get rid of this useless pressure caused by going for top marks, which unfortunately may parents encourage. They don’t understand that school isn’t for getting marks but it’s for their children to learn what their natural aptitudes are which will help them develop according to their own personal and professional aspirations. Each child will choose his her own area.”

Delia Glăvan, deputy chair of the School Pupils Council said: There’s less pressure of the children with the new grading system. … It’s different and we are all aware of this. I am starting the  new school year with a sense of enthusiasm and the hope that some of the new changes will be good,” she told Observatorul.

early 3 million students and kindergarten children return to classes in more than 17,800 schools on Monday.

After two years of pandemic restrictions, parents will have access in schools for the opening ceremonies, Education Minister Sorin Cîmpeanu  announced Friday.

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