Not a lot of dough: Romania has the cheapest bread in the European Union

Sursa: PickPik

Romanians pay half the European Union average for a loaf of bread, according to statistics published this week.

Eurostat published figures on bread and cereal prices for 2019 across the 27-member bloc, with the average price counted as 100.

Romania had the cheapest bread, at 47% of the average EU price. Denmark was at the other end of the scale with consumers forking out 51% more for the staple than the EU average.

Last year, a kilogram of bread cost between 3 to 3.5 lei (one euro = 4.84 lei) when it came out of the bakery and double that when it reached the supermarket shelves. the sales tax on bread in Romania is only 9%.

In Denmark, however, a loaf of basic white bread is 20 krone, or about 2.7 euros, a forum on living costs for expats reported.

The price range across the trading bloc showed consumers paid three times more for bread and cereals in the most expensive place compared to the cheapest place, Eurostat said.

Bread was priciest in Austria, Luxembourg and Finland where wages are higher.

Consumers in grain-rich countries in Eastern Europe unsurprisingly pay the least for bread and cereals. After Romania, Bulgarians and then Poles pay the next least.

Eurostat looked separately at Ireland, Norway and Switzerland which aren’t in the EU. Consumers in the three countries pay more for a loaf than most EU countries.

It also included the United Kingdom which left the bloc on January 31, 2020. Britons pay less than EU average prices for their bread.



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