Pandemic Easter 2. Most Romanians intend to spend the holidays at home, survey shows

Foto: Inquam Photos / Liviu Chirica

As Romanians prepare to celebrate their second Easter during the pandemic, a survey shows that staying at home with family and decorated eggs are the most popular activities over the holidays..

The poll which was carried out by iSense Solutions showed that about four-fifths of Romanians who live in towns and cities are planning to spend Easter holidays at home with close family members.

Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter, when Christ rose from the death on May 2, five weeks after Western Christian churches,

Only 9% said they would travel to the seaside or mountains for the Easter weekend which includes May 1, a traditional holiday.

The low figure reflects widespread reluctance to travel during the pandemic, while some people can’t afford it and are likely saving their money for summer vacations when restrictions may be eased.

Most Romanians will focus on the home and family study which was carried out by the market research agency and quoted by showed.

Some 35% of respondents said spending time with family is the most important thing in this period, while 17% will paint eggs and just 15% will go to church for Easter services.

Many Romanians have already started shopping ahead of the Holy Week, with others planning to buy treats just ahead of the holidays.

About one third of Romanians have a budget of up to 300 lei, while 36% will spend more than 500 lei, which is about 100 euros .

Painted eggs are the most important dish on the Easter table, said 79% of respondents while the sweet yeast cake studded with fruit or nuts comes second. Half of those questioned said they’d have it over Easter. .

The study was released based on the results from two polls. The Omnibus iSense Solutions study was carried out between April 20 and April 22 on a sample of 500 respondents aged 18-65/

The iSense Modern Consumers community conducted an online poll, and questioned 50 uran residents aged between 18 and 55 during April.


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