Putin and Kim, hand in hand

Sursa: KCNA

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un have signed a pact that involves Russia and North Korea aiding each other in case of attack.

The inclusion of a mutual defence clause in their comprehensive strategic partnership, which Kim described as an “alliance” represents Putin’s second summit with Kim in nine months. 

It was not immediately clear what form that support might take, and no details of the agreement were made public. 

Putin later described the pact as “defensive”, citing North Korea’s right to defend itself, Tass reported. 

He added that Russia would not rule out developing military-technical cooperation with North Korea.

In parallel with Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, North Korea has recently shown increasing hostility against South Korea, as well as a misanthropic attitude towards the West. 

Anthony Blinken pointed out that North Korea has been “providing significant munitions to Russia … and other weapons for use in Ukraine.” 

Last September, during a summit with Putin in Vladivostok, Kim is believed to have agreed to supply missiles and other weaponry for use by Russian forces in Ukraine. In return, Russia would provide food and energy aid and help with North Korea’s space program, says the BBC. 

Kim offered Vladimir a North Korean-style welcome, with portraits of an enlarged Putin rolling down from buildings in the capital.  

The two leaders exchanged gifts: a luxury Russian-made Aurus limo and tea set for Kim, and items for Putin that Kremlin aides said were related to his image, including busts. 

Putin thanked Kim for doing his part in “fight against the imperialist hegemonistic policies of the US and its satellites against the Russian Federation”.

Putin later took Kim for a ride through Pyongyang in his Aurus limo.

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