Record traffic jam: 43-kilometer tailback on Romania’s main road to the mountains


Romanian police are warning motorists about traffic congestion on the DN1 highway between Ploiesti and the city of Brasov a day after there was a record tailback of 43 kilometers.

Police issued a statement Friday saying there were traffic jams along three sections of the road in mountainous areas where the road is narrower.

Traffic was clogged around the resorts of Sinaia and farther north in Busteni, according to the INFOTRAFIC center.

The DN1 which passes through the Prahova Valley is Romania’s busiest road, and there is severe traffic congestion around national holidays.

The beginning of January is a popular time for people to travel to the mountains for skiing or to enjoy the winter scenery.

The 180-kilometer journey from Bucharest to Brasov, a trip of between two and three hours under normal traffic conditions, can take more than six hours when there is heavy congestion.

Police said they were working to ease traffic in the most congested areas and advised motorists to take alternative routes, notably the DN1A.

“Drivers are advised to…. adapt their speed to the (specific) conditions, not to overtake and to show respect to other drivers, and to take the necessary care before changing direction,” a statement said.

The statement came after a record tailback of 43 kilometers on Thursday for motorists going to the mountains along the Campina to Sinaia section of the road.



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