Right-wing flops to third in France, but winning leftists and centrists fall short of majority leaving political deadlock

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A coalition of left-wing parties won the most seats in France’s elections, pushing back the hard right to  third place, but they fell short of a majority, leaving France facing the unprecedented prospect of a hung parliament.

The outcome could unsettle markets in the European Union’s  second-largest economy and affect Europe’s economic stability and global diplomacy ahead of the Paris Olympics.

French President Emmanuel  Macron called the election on the night of June 9 after Marine Le Pen’s RN made gains in the European Parliament saying he wanted to  ‘clarify’ the political situation.

According to official results released early Monday, three bloc representing the left, right and center fell well short of the 289 seats needed to control the 577-seat National Assembly.

The New Popular Front leftist coalition, which came first secured slightly over 180 seats, followed by Macron’s centrist alliance which had more than 160 seats. Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally and its allies were came in third with more than 140 seats, much better than the 89 seats they won in 2022.

Modern France has never known a hung parliament.

“Our country is facing an unprecedented political situation and is preparing to welcome the world in a few weeks,” said Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, who plans to offer his resignation later Monday.

With the Paris Olympics about to start, Monsieur Attal said he was ready to stay at his post “as long as duty demands.” Macron has three more years of his presidential term.

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