Romania elects two new parliament speakers as new ‘grand coalition’ takes shape

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Romanian lawmakers have elected two new parliament speakers on Tuesday as a new governing coalition that should bring some stability during a deadly fourth wave of the pandemic takes shape.

The new coalition includes the center-right National Liberal Party, the left-leaning Social Democratic Party and an ethnic Hungarian group which have a solid majority. Party leaders say parliament will approve a new government by the end of the week.

Functioning government

Romania has been without a functioning government since October 5.

Despite political differences, the new government aims to provide the necessary stability to fight the pandemic and manage rising energy prices as winter approaches.

Marel Ciolacu, who heads the Social Democratic Party was elected as speaker of the Chamber of Deputies in a 217-77 vote.

The three parties chose Liberal acting defense minister Nicolae Ciuca as prime minister. President Klaus Iohannis formally nominated him on Monday to bring to an end nearly two months of political deadlock.


Outgoing Prime Minister Florin Citu, the Liberal leader, who was ousted in a vote of no-confidence in early October, was voted head of the Senate in a 82-25 vote.

He replaced Anca Dragu, of the Save Romania Union, which walked out of the Liberal-led government in September after one of its ministers was fired. She was the first woman to hold the post.

Her party leader Dacian Ciolos said he was disgusted by the development. “(They did it) to find a sinecure to console Florin Citu for his ‘special merits’ of destroying the (former) governing coalition,” he said.

President Iohannis nominated Mr Ciolos to form a government in October, but he failed to muster the necessary votes. Mr Ciuca saw himself in the same position weeks later and withdrew.

Grand coalition

After that, the Liberals and the Social Democrats agreed to form a grand coalition grouping Romania’s two biggest parties, despite bitter rivalry and significantly different political agendas.

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