Romania expresses intentions for improved partnership with South Korea

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Romania’s Chair of the Lower House Foreign Policy Committee Rozalia Biro said on Thursday, following a recent meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Romania, Rim Kap-soo, that Romania needs to capitalize more on the strategic partnership with this country, a model of economic development.

„It is the only strategic partnership that Romania has with an Asian country. If in the past we had a very fruitful and diversified collaboration, after the 1990s, however, this partnership has become increasingly devoid of substance. We need to capitalize more on the possibilities of this strategic partnership with a country which is an economic model by its exemplary economic growth, but also due to the common values we share regarding the institutional law, the international order”, Rozalia Biro told a press conference.

The talks took place on Monday, June 27, in Parliament, at the request of the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, who has taken office on May 5 this year. The diplomat presented his country’s priorities in this context, specifically to bring as many South Korean companies to Romania for investments, but also to create partnerships with Romanian companies, as well as to find new areas of close collaboration, beyond security and defence, between governments, parliaments and the private sector in order to relaunch the strategic partnership.

According to data presented by Rozalia Biro to illustrate the economic power of this country, South Korea’s exports in 2021 had an increase of 28.5 percent compared to the previous year; the country is a net exporter for the 13th consecutive year; it has a trade surplus of USD 29.3 billion, and for the fifth year in a row, its exports exceed USD 500 billion a year.

„This is something incredible. Having such a strategic partner, in the context of Romania’s economic potential, from agriculture to everything that includes the economy, is an exceptional source of inspiration that we don’t use at all yet”, Biro said.

The proposal made by the Romanian deputy to the South Korean ambassador firstly referred to the development of collaboration and partnership relations between the universities or faculties with economic profile, given the importance of finding out about the South Korean model and applying to the Romanian system whatever can be applied.

Given the insufficient cooperation at the parliamentary level, Rozalia Biro also proposed an online meeting with Korean counterparts, representatives of the Foreign Policy Committee, after their elections in July-August, most likely in September.

Deputy Biro stressed the need for intense cultural and governmental collaboration and invited Ambassador Rim Kap-soo to Bihor and Oradea, to establish partnerships at academic or even high school level.

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