Romania government says it spent 500 million euros in aid for Ukrainian refugees

Foto: INQUAM/Octav Ganea

Romania’s government says it has spent 500 million euros helping Ukrainian refugees after Russia invaded their country.

Six ministries, more than 1,500 local authorities and 300 non-governmental organizations have given humanitarian aid to refugees since February 2022, the government said.

More than 3.2 million Ukrainian citizens crossed into Romania in the past 11 months of which 2.5 received direct support.

„Currently, we have over 107,000 Ukrainian citizens who have chosen to stay in Romania, of which over 47,000 are children,” the government said.

“Romania was and is a place of safety and peace for … Ukrainian refugees. We have allocated more than 500 million euros from the state budget and international partners for ensuring basic needs, as well as for their protection and inclusion in our communities,” a statement said.

„Romania has proved itself to be a reliable European and international partner… which has offered the most important corridors, literally and figuratively, of international support for Ukraine, making  our  national road, railway, river and maritime infrastructure available in the name of peace”, declared the Prime Minister of Romania, Nicolae Ciucă.



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