Romania hopes to secure one million anti-Covid-19 vaccines by beginning of 2021

Sursa: Pixabay

President Klaus Iohannis said he is hopeful of securing one million anti Covid-19 vaccines at the beginning of 2021 so the first wave of vaccinations can start.

The president spoke Thursday evening after a meeting of the country’s top defense body, the Supreme Defense Council where officials approved a strategy for the vaccine program.

Romania has reported almost half a million cases of Covid-19 since the pandemic started and more than 11,000 deaths.

The pandemic has disrupted people’s everyday lives and the economy has taken a battering and as in other countries, many are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a safe vaccine.

The president has said he will be at the front of the line to get the shot.

“The vaccine is voluntary, it’s safe, it’s efficient and it’s been planned. Its’ very important to know that these types of vaccines are safe, efficient and the highest possible European standard.”

It’s not clear what vaccine Romania will buy.

Health professionals will be the first to be inoculated together with high-risk groups such as people suffering from cancer, diabetes or heart problems. About 80% of medics and healthcare staff say they will get a shot.

The president visited a vaccine center on Thursday ahead of the rollout which will start in the new year and the first stage would end in the summer.

„I can hardly wait for the vaccine to arrive and for us to start reconstruction, to rebuild everything that has slowed down. To restart the economy and to get back to normality.”


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