Romania lifts Covid-19 quarantine requirement for travelers from 17 European countries

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Romania will lift a requirement for tourists and travelers from 17 European countries to undergo a two weeks of quarantine or self-isolation when they arrive in Romania starting next week, the government has announced.

The National Committee for Emergency Situations late Saturday published the list of countries where travelers are exempt from staying in institutionalized quarantine or in self-isolation at home if they live in Romania.

The countries are all considered less risky due to lower numbers of infections.

They are: Austria, Bulgaria, Czechia, Cyprus, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland and Slovenia.

The lifting of measures begins at midnight Sunday.

Under current restrictions, travelers must enter quarantine to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Romania has reported some 21,700 infections so far.

The list will be updated every Monday by the National Institute for Public Health, either by adding new countries or removing countries depending on the number of coronavirus infections in each country

If a country is taken off the list, it will be compulsory for citizens that have recently arrived to be quarantined, even if when they entered Romania there was no obligation, Interior Minister Marcel vela told Digi24.

„If those returning from Romania have come from a “safe” country, but on the way to Romania they transit a country not on the (exemption) list, they won’t have to self-isolate when they reach their destination,” he said.

The decision can be read here.


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