Romania, one of nine European states to host migrants on ship Italy turned away

Sursa: Twitter / Open Arms

Romania is one of nine European states that has agreed to take in some of the more than 200 migrants off the Ocean Viking humanitarian ship which Italy turned away.

The NGO vessel was carrying more than 230 passengers was been at sea for more than two weeks since Italy refused to let it dock. France agreed to let it enter and will host one -third of the migrants.

French Interior Minister Darmanin said nine European nations had committed to hosting two-thirds of the migrants who reportedly include 57 children.

Germany will take „more than 80”, while Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Luxembourg and Ireland will also contribute in the name of „European solidarity”, he added.

The ship was set to arrive in Toulon on Friday, the biggest naval base in the Mediterranean and the main port for the French Navy.

He said France acted out of a „duty of humanity”, criticizing Italy’s stance as „inhumane” and „incomprehensible”, saying the Ocean Viking „is located without any doubt in Italy’s search and rescue zone”.

Most of the migrants are from Bangladesh, Eritrea, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Mali, and Sudan. They were recovered near the Libyan coast and, as per international agreements, asked to be dropped off at the nearest port, which was in Italy.

Italy, however, turned the ship away, denying it access to its Sicily ports. The decision caused anger among NGOs and European officials.

Some 1,765 migrants have died attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea since the start of the year.

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