Romania reports 190 coronavirus cases in last 24 hours, as lockdown rules ease

The number of coronavirus cases climbed to 16,437 on Friday, with 190 new cases reported in the last 24 hours.

The Strategic Communication Group said that the death toll stood at 1,056, with nine deaths since the previous count.

The number of cases has generally declined in recent days, with a slight spike on Thursday when 245 new cases were reported.

Romania ended a two-month state of emergency on Friday and strict rules about people’s movements have been relaxed. However, there are fears of a fresh wave if people don’t respect social distancing rules and start socializing without wearing masks and taking other precautions.

So far, 9,370 patients have recovered from the virus.

Some 219 patients are receiving medical care in intensive care units.

There are more than 14,441 people in institutionalized quarantine in Romania, while 14,800 people are in self isolation at home and under medical supervision,

Outside Romania, 2,880 have tested positive for COVID-19, and 102 Romanians have succumbed to the virus.

Almost 295,000 tests have been carried out.


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