Romania reports 2nd day of record high Covid-19 infections

Romania on Thursday announced record-high numbers of the novel coronavirus cases and 53 deaths.

Health authorities confirmed 1,454 new cases in Romania, the second consecutive day with more than 1,400 cases, the Strategic Communication Group said.

 Some 1,415 cases had been reported a day earlier.

The Romanian capital recorded 172 cases in the past day and there were 88 new cases in Prahova, a hotpot for tourists who flock to resorts in the southeastern Carpathian mountains.

More than 1.45 million people have been tested for the coronavirus of which 22,649 were in the last day. Thursday’s infection rate, meaning the percentage of people tested who were confirmed to have the virus, was 6.42% similar to previous days.

Some 478 patients are being treated in intensive care units out of a total of almost 7,500 Covid-19 patients in hospital.

Rising infections by the virus have killed 2,860 people. Fifty-three people with the virus died in the last 24 hours.

Of those, 32 were men and 21 women. Four of the people who died didn’t have underlying health conditions.

The uptick came as Germany declared certain areas of Romania including the capital Bucharest as risk areas after an increase in cases. All of Europe is struggling to contain a rise in cases during the summer season.

Some 31,500 patients have recovered and 7,253 patients with no symptoms have been discharged from hospital after 10 days.

There are currently just under 8,000 Covid-19 patients in self-isolation at home and 5,400 in institutionalized isolation.

More than 20,700 are in quarantine at home after they were exposed to localized outbreaks.


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