Romania reports 637 new coronavirus cases, second highest daily figure since pandemic began

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Romania reported a fresh surge in coronavirus cases with 637 confirmed infections in the last day.

The Strategic Communication Group said that 30 patients had succumbed to the disease in the past 24 hours, higher than previous days.

Authorities stepped up testing after the weekend, and carried out 14,237 tests Monday and Tuesday morning. Some 4.7% of those came out positive.

Tuesday’s figure is the second highest after 698 cases were reported on July 11.

Romania has now reported a total of 33,585 cases and 1,931 deaths. Tuesday’s figure was the third highest ever daily figure since the pandemic began.

There are 234 patients being treated in intensive care units.

The number of coronavirus cases have climbed in recent weeks after lockdown rules were loosened and people began to resume pre-pandemic activities.

Romania made it compulsory to wear face coverings in indoor public places in mid-May, but compliance has been erratic, and some say they are weary of lockdown restrictions, or don’t believe the virus exists.

Many people and some establishments such as outdoor restaurants do not always respect social distancing rules.

Some 23,800 patients have recovered from the virus.



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