Romania, Ukraine begin maritime drills in Danube waters


Some 300 sailors from Ukraine and Romania are taking part in the Riverine 2020 drills in the Danube Delta, officials from both countries said.

The exercises run from September 7-11 along the Danube between the Romanian port of Tulcea and Izmail in southern Ukraine.

Officials in charge of the Riverine 2020 operation said the main goal of the exercise was to strengthen regional security and improve interoperability between the fleets of the two countries.

The training will be performed to NATO standards. Romania became a member of the western military alliance in 2004, but Ukraine isn’t. Ukraine was the first former Soviet republic to join NATO’s Partnership for Peace program in 1994.

The fleets of the Ukrainian and Romanian Navy, the Marine Guard units of the State Border Service of Ukraine and the Romanian Border Police are also involved in the drills.

The Ukrainian-Romanian exercise Riverine was first held in 2018.


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