Romanian boy, 13, who ran into burning house to save grandparents praised for his courage

Foto: Digi24

A 13-year-old boy who smashed windows and ran into a burning house in central Romania to save his grandparents has won widespread praise for his courage.


The teen, known only as Adrian, was sitting in his grandparents’ garden recently with his mother and sisters when he heard an explosion and a fire broke out, media reported.

He broke the downstairs windows and rushed into the fire that engulfed the two-storied house in a village in Harghita county to rescue his grandparents who were trapped inside.

His grandparents had raised him since he was young, neighbors and his mother said.


The blaze erupted after his 60-year-old grandfather was made redundant and bought a gas bottle with unemployment benefit.

“The grandfather… started to install (the bottle) and used a lighter to see if it worked. At that moment, there was a powerful  explosion and flames engulfed the kitchen” Pro-Tv reported.

“His wife went in to save him, but the flames smothered her too,” the broadcaster reported.

Very brave

„He tried to help as much as he could… to help the grandparents get out…. But he couldn’t. He is very, very brave and cares deeply about his grandparents,” his uncle Ilie Sava said.

The lad suffered 10% burns to his hands and face. He waited for firefighters to arrive and begged them to save his grandparents. He then went to a well to try and cool his burns.


“I saw a boy next to a well and when he turned round, I saw his face and arms were burnt and he was in shock,” said Zsolt Szabo, the local prefect said.

The grandparents died in the blaze. The teen is expected to make a full recovery.

“People who’ve heard his story call him a hero. Hundreds of people have sent messages of encouragement,” the station added.

Local authorities have promised they will help the family.

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