Romanian cheese pie to get European recognition

Sursa: Facebook

The tasty Dobrogean pie is to be recognized at the EU level as a Romanian product with a protected geographical indication after years of opposition from Bulgaria, a Romanian European lawmaker said.

The puffy pie which can be sweet or savory will win the coveted designation following lengthy negotiations between Romania and Bulgaria, in conjunction with the General Directorate for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG Agri) within the European Commission (EC)”, Dan Motreanu, an MEP said on Facebook.

Dobrogea is a region along the western Black Sea coastline, straddling both Romania and Bulgaria.

Lawmaker Dan Motreanu said under the agreement: „Bulgaria will have the right to use the name only at the local level… without the PGI recognition.”

“The agreement was finally reached after two years of opposition from Bulgaria, which invoked the common history of the Dobrogea region”.

Ten Romanian food products are already registered in the European quality systems. Among these, nine Romanian food products are registered in the European Register of Food Products with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI): Telemeaua de Sibiu,  a cheese, Pleșcoi sausages, Smoked Danube mackerel, Smoked fish from Șara Bârsei, Sibiu Salami, Plum Magiun fruit paste from Topoloveni, Săveni cheese, Tulcea pike roe salad, Traditional carp roe salad. The Telemeaua de Ibăneşti cheese has something called a protected designation of origin (PDO) „, Motreanu said.




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