Romanian court sentences university professor to eight years in prison for taking bribes from students

A court has sentenced a university professor to eight years in prison on charges that he took bribes from students in exchange for them passing exams.

The case was brought to court after the professor, Gheorghe Ţarălungă, the former deacon of the Pharmacy Faculty of the Ovidius University, was caught red-handed in 2015 accepting a 200-euro bribe from a Greek student.

Anti-corruption prosecutors said Taralunga took “bribes of between 200 and 600 euros from dozens of students to illegally enable them to pass different exams.”

The Constanta Appeal Court ruled that the sentence us for 11 counts of bribery, referring to previous bribes. The court also ordered that Taralunga pay 3,350 euros. The ruling is final. Taralunga did not immediately comment.

The court ruled the Greek student should pay court costs of 3,000 lei and enrol in an educational program organized by the probation service.

The sentence is harsher than in cases where higher sums were involved.

The former Mayor of Piatra Neamt, Gheorghe Stefan, received a 45-month prison sentence for a bribe of 227,000 euros.

Last year, former Parliament speaker Bogdan Olteanu was handed a seven-year sentence for receiving a one million euro bribe. The ruling is not final.



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