Romanian girl, 10, with deaf parents calls emergency services to save brother

A 10-year-old Romanian girl with deaf parents who called the emergency services when her brother fell sick has been praised for her confidence and quick-thinking.

The Special Telecommunications Service said the unnamed girl picked up the phone and dialed 112 recently to get medical help for her brother.

The operator asked about her parents and she told them they were deaf and unable to speak.

The operator contacted the ambulance service and she managed to provide  the necessary information.

They released a transcript of the conversation.

“Hello good afternoon. My brother is sick, he’s pale and has vomited twice,” she said when the operator asked her about the case.

She told the operator her brother was 11 years old, a year older than her.

Asked whether her parents were at home, she explained: “Yes, but they are deaf and dumb.”

The operator told her she would contact the ambulance immediately.

“Responsibility does not necessarily come with age. Sometimes it comes from the need to help loved ones in danger,” it said on a post on social media.


“The appeal is proof of the unconditional act of commitment taken by a 10-year-old child to save his brother. Big decisions even for the little ones.”

Romania’s emergency number is 112. People with hearing difficulties can dial 113.

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