Romanian government extends paternity leave benefits

Sursa: Pixabay

Romania’s government has extended paternity leave for every child to help men bond with their newborn or adopted baby.

Labor Minister Marius Budăi on Friday said the government had decided to approve paternity leave for every child, not just the first-born as it currently stands in line with EU norms.

The government also extended the period up from five days paid leave to 10 days.

The move is part of a package of government incentives to encourage Romanians have more children to counter its birthrate, one of the lowest in Europe.

Mr Budăi said the latest measure  extended leave to more categories of taxpayers, but he  didn’t provide details.

“This decree is important as (men) have paternity leave for every new born, not just the first as it’s been so far,” he said.

He said fathers would be entitled to 15 days of leave if  they did a course in childcare.

“In child’s first days of life, fathers can be with their new-borns.”

Romania first introduced five days paternity leave in 1999 as it began to prepare to join the European Union.

Expectant women are entitled to two months prenatal leave and two years maternity leave on 85 percent of their salary.

Romania’s birth rate lowest since 1930. Incentives should be offered to encourage families to have children, official says


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