Romanian health workers on coronavirus front line to receive bonuses worth 120 million euros of EU aid, minister says

Foto: INQUAM/Octav Ganea

Romania’s health professionals on the front line of treating patients with coronavirus will receive a bonus in recognition of risks they face,  the government said Monday.

A total of 75,000 health workers, including medics, nurses, assistants, social workers and ambulance workers will receive the money, European Funds Minister, Marcel Bolos told Digi24 on Monday.

The financial aid which will come from European Union funds is worth 120 million euros.

Doctors and healthcare workers have been among the most exposed globally to COVID-19. In Romania hundreds have been infected with the virus, while others have resigned or taken leave.

Bolos did not say how much health workers would individually receive, but last week President Klaus Iohannis said it would be a monthly bonus of 500 euros because workers needed more than „nice words.”

Some 30 million euros of the money will go to 1,000 social workers who look after 100,000 elderly people. Elderly people are the most vulnerable to the effects of the coronavirus.

In Romania,  according to figures on April 3, 474 health workers have tested positive for the  new coronavirus, of which 318 are from Suceava where there was a massive outbreak at the county hospital.

Bolos said the measure would be passed at a government meeting as an emergency ordinance


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