Romanian interior minister: I talked police officer out of shooting himself

Romania’s interior minister said he managed to calm down a police officer who brandished a pistol at his colleagues on Monday morning and threatened to kill himself.

Colleagues said the traffic officer appeared at work and was behaving in an “agitated and incoherent” way. Officers eventually persuaded to give up the weapon, the Bacau County Police Inspectorate said in a press release.

Interior Minister Marcel Vela said he spoke to the man personally on the phone and he told the minister “what was on his mind, and he decided not to commit suicide.”

“I offered to go to Bacau, and I even got a helicopter ready,” Vela said. “He changed his mind after seeing I was open.

Vela said he’d invited the police officer to Bucharest “for a coffee” and to tell me what’s worrying him.

An internal inquiry is underway and the officer is under supervision

A press release said the unnamed officer joined the police force in 2013 and passed psychological tests in 2016.

It said that he was put under supervision from 2017-2018 pending an inquiry into allegations that he was involved in violence.


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