Romanian mountain rescuers search for 3 days for missing man, only to discover that he was safe at home and had ‘forgotten’ to let them know

Sursa: Salvamont Sibiu

A mountain rescue team from Sinaia mounted a massive search over the weekend after a tourist was reported missing in the area.

Three days later, after they failed to find the missing man, they were informed that he had arrived home safely.

The man was asked by the mountain rescue team why he hadn’t let them know that he was safe.

He reportedly replied that he „didn’t think” about informing them,  reported.

The mountain search dispatched six mountain rescuers initially. By Sunday, the team had increased to ten.

On Monday, the search efforts resumed with 25 mountain rescuers taking part in the action in an area near Bucegi.

Additional rescuers from the Prahova Inspectorate for Emergency Situations were also drafted in to help.

Angry mountain rescuers said they spent dozens of hours combing the area in search of the missing man after he asked to be rescued on Saturday evening.

„I called his number all the time and he appeared to be on the phone. Finally, I sent him a message on WhatsApp and today (Monday) I saw that he read the message. I asked him why he didn’t let us know. He told us it hadn’t occurred to him,” Nae Cojanu, head of the Sinaia mountain rescue team told

As early as Sunday, the rescuers’ named the 36-year-old tourist, asking him to contact them if he got to safety.

The head of the Sinaia Mountain research called the man’s actions “irresponsible”.

Two tourists rescued after five-hour operation from mountain in central Romania



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