Romanian PM calls for efforts to combat disinformation on World Press Freedom Day

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Romania’s prime minister Nicolae Ciuca on Tuesday called for efforts to fight ‘disinformation, diversionary tactics and incitement to hatred,’ as a way to mark  World Press Freedom Day.

The prime minister said the current context of the war in Ukraine „brings to the fore the role of the media in giving the public accurate informing and the fight against disinformation.”

„I support independent journalism and the safety of journalists,” he said. „Working in good faith …. with professionalism and objectivity, I am confident that we can together succeed  in  combating attempts at misinformation, diversion, division  and  incitement to hatred.”

„Informing the public is vital,  especially during the pandemic or the  current  context, created by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, ” he said.

„The media plays a greater role in this respect, but also has a major responsibility in the balanced dissemination of information to the general public.”

„Freedom and pluralism of the media means guaranteeing freedom of expression and free  access to information (which are) the  fundamental rights of every citizen in a  mature democracy where there is rule of law.”

Media freedom is enshrined as a basic principle in the Romanian and regarded as  the top performer in southeast Europe for press freedom.

Reporters Without Borders placed Romania in 48th position out of 180 countries worldwide in 2021 for press freedom.

However, it noted there was „disturbing rhetoric against the journalists as well as politicized media outlets have contributed to an unbalanced media environment.”

The Romanian prime minister added that he „strongly condemned any attempt  to intimidate or influence the way in which a journalist or editorial staff in Romania exercises  their constitutional rights to free  speech.” journalists to host Ratiu Forum webinar on reporting from totalitarian states

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