Romanian police recover bikes stolen from Italian national team; four detained

Romanian police have recovered 22 bikes stolen in France from the Italian national team, they said Friday.

Four Romanian nationals were detained in connection with the theft. They are charged with international drugs trafficking, anti-crime police said.

Romanian prosecutors said they stole the bicycles which are worth some 600,000 euros from  a competition in France.

Top Italian cyclists were taking part in the International Cycling Union Track Cycling World Championships in the northern city of Roubaix last week, the Mirror reported. The event  sees the world’s best velodrome riders compete.

The theft occurred from the hotel in nearby Lille where the Italian team was staying for the competition.

Police believe the theft was carried out by professionals, according to Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport.

„They were well organized,” head of the Italian delegation Roberto Amadio told the newspaper.

Police and prosecutors carried out house searches on Thursday in the northeast Vrancea area.

They found the bikes, cannabis and interactive computer screens,

A regional court was expected to rule in whether to keep them under arrest for 30 days.


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