Romanian president hits out at fake coronavirus news which ‘distorts evidence, erodes the state’s authority, cultivates mistrust’

Foto: INQUAM/Ilona Andrei

’Romanian President Klaus Iohannis slammed the spread of fake news about the coronavirus which “distorts evidence and erode the state’s responsibility” and makes it more difficult to control the spread of the virus.

Iohannis said Tuesday there were “all kinds of irresponsible people spreading…. either due to ignorance… or deliberate disinformation … all kinds of conspiracy theories with the aim of cultivating mistrust among ordinary people.”

He said claims that “contest the gravity of the virus are noxious because they distort the evidence and erode the state’s authority, and create voids which affect social solidarity and responsibility,” which we need to get through this difficult period.

The Romanian president also urged Romanians to respect the new rules which have come into effect since a two-month state of emergency ended on May 15. Masks are mandatory in enclosed public spaces and people are asked to keep a distance from other people.

Iohannis said if there was a spike in cases, he’d be “obliged” to reinstate a state of emergency.

“If the rhythm of infection and pressure on hospitals increases significantly,” we’ll have to go back ti what it was before,Iohannis said.

On Tuesday, Romania reported more than 17,100 cases and in excess if 1,100 deaths. The number of infections this week has dropped.

Since the outbreak, the majority of Romanians had respected lockdown rules “but unfortunately we’ve had… behavior these past few days which is in total contradiction with health norms that we all should respect,” he said.

“The virus is still among us,” Iohannis said. “As long as we are aware of this, it is the responsibility of each one of us to follow some simple rules of  prevention…. to eventually bring an end to this epidemic,” he said.

“Otherwise there is a real risk of having a major explosion of infections.”I have to tell you if the rules continue to be broken we are moving toward a scenario where we will have new outbreaks and a new waves of sick people.”

However, Iohannis stressed there was also a good side to the pandemic, such the digitalization of  public administration. The  construction and infrastructure  sectors“worked at full capacity,” during the lockdown, he said.

“Relaunching Romania’s economy will be based on supporting big infrastructure projects,” Iohannis said. “ The vision for the development of Romania in the coming years will be based on innovation, competitiveness and massive investment in transport, energetic and health infrastructure,”

“It’s a vision which starts from healthy economic principles which will durably sustain prosperity.”

“What we have to do now, and I am calling for the support of all credible political and business forces is to offer trust to employers and entrepreneurs.


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