Romanian president invites Joe Biden to visit Bucharest

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Romania’s president Klaus Iohannis said he has invited  U.S. President Joe Biden to visit Romania to continue discussions they started in 2015 when the American leader was vice president.


.Mr Iohannis said the U.S. leader „agreed to try to organize such a meeting.”

The Romanian president made the statement on Monday at the end of the NATO Summit in Brussels, where he had two brief discussions with Joe Biden.

The first took place at the beginning of the summit when Klaus Iohannis and Polish President Andrejz Duda greeted the U.S. leader. They thanked him for taking part virtually in the May 10 Bucharest summit of eastern flank NATO members.

Strategic partnership

“We wanted to be sure we still have a solid strategic partnership….And that we have the full attention of the United States’ strategic partnership for the eastern flank,” he said.

President Biden assured us that he is particularly committed to supporting Romania and Poland to improve this relationship,” the president said.

Klaus Iohannis invited the U.S. president to visit Romania at a later discussion.

Eastern flank

„I really want to strengthen the strategic partnership between Romania and the United States. He agreed to try to organize such a meeting. He assured me once again that he is very committed to this partnership,” he added.

He said NATO leaders had focused on “consolidating the Alliance’s position of deterrence and defense to focus primarily on the Eastern Flank. (It will have ) a special focus on Black Sea security developments.”


“The Alliance must have the strength, structures and capabilities to respond effectively to the threats we face in the region,” he said.

“We (also) highlighted, something mentioned in the Summit documents, Russia’s aggressive and destabilizing behavior towards our allies and our neighboring partners.”

Black Sea

“ The security situation in the Black Sea area remains worrying. The recent massing of Russian troops and military hardware on the Ukrainian border and illegally occupied Crimea is further clear evidence of this.”

NATO’s eastern members condemn ‘Russia’s aggressive actions’ in their region at summit in Romanian capital


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