Romanian sentenced for attempting to bribe Austrian border guard. He slipped him 50 euros as he didn’t have negative PCR test

Viena, Austria, coronavirus

A 23-year old Romanian has been handed a suspended prison sentence for trying to bribe a border guard to allow him to enter Austria without a test showing he didn’t have Covid-19.

The incident occurred on May 11, Austrian site BVZ reported on Thursday.

The man arrived at the Nickelsdorf crossing point in eastern Austria with two brothers, but none of them had the required negative PCR tests.

„I was working as a guard in Vienna,” he was quoted as saying. „My boss said he needed more people,” he told the court.

None of them had done a PCR test as they were too expensive, he claimed.

„We didn’t have the money for PCR tests in Romania. It would have costs 100 euros per person,” he said.

Without the required negative tests, the Romanians would have had enter quarantine for  14 days, meaning they couldn’t start work immediately.

He told the court he wanted to help his brothers. „I slipped 50 euros in my car papers and I said: Please let me enter.”

The border officer didn’t take the money and called the police.

The subsequent inquiry revealed that the unnamed Romanian man had illegally received 900 euros in unemployment money. He had actually left Austria.

He was handed a 10-month suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay back the unemployment money.

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