Romanian ‘deliberately’ slashed tires of dozens of  cars in Austria

Foto: Unsplash

Austrian police have detained a Romanian man who is suspected of slashing the tires of 91 cars over a six-month period,  Nachrichten reported.

The unnamed man was caught on CCTV cameras in the city of Linz in the northwest of the Alpine nation, police said. He has been questioned by police.

He began slashing the tires in April in the Bindermichl district where he lived, police said.

The cars he targeted were on eight streets in his neighborhood and he usually slashed more than one tire.

He was detained after footage was viewed. He denied the accusations.

Sixty-five people filed complaints. Some said their cars had been targeted more than once.

Damage caused amounted to tens of thousands of euros, the publication said.

However, he did tell police that he was bothered by noise caused by his neighbors. He said the din interrupted his peace and quiet in his home.

The case has been sent to prosecutors in the city, police said.

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