Romanians called to march in solidarity with Ukraine

Foto: Unsplash

Hundreds or more are expected to take part in a Ukraine solidarity march later Saturday in the Romanian capital.

Participants will call for a ceasefire and then march to the Russian embassy and demand Russian President Vladimir Putin is charged with crimes against humanity.

Greenpeace Romania said it was staging a protest with 11 other civic organizations “to support Ukraine.” It said it was time for Bucharest to show support for neighbor Ukraine and demonstrate against the Russian invasion.

“We want the conflict and crimes against humanity which have turned Ukraine into an open wound to end immediately,” Greenpeace said.  It said people who wanted ”a world governed by peace and not petty interests” should join the march.

„For three weeks Romanian civil society has been welcoming refugees at the border, in stations and into their homes. They are sending trucks with aid and trunks stuffed with blankets,” and other things, the statement said.

Some half a million Ukrainian refugees have poured into Romania since the conflict began. Some 135,000 have remained in the country.

Organizers said civic groups had focused on refugee aid since the invasion and hadn’t had „time or energy” to hold a protest.

Romania’s PM accuses Russia of ‘crimes against humanity’ and ‘war crimes’



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