Romania’s bumper wheat crop to fill granaries to 14-year high

Sursa: Pexels

Romania has posted a bumper wheat crop of 11.33 million tons of wheat, the biggest harvest in fourteen seasons, the agriculture ministry said Wednesday.

By August 16,  some 98.54% of the wheat had been harvested from more than 2.2  million acres.

The agriculture and rural development ministry said it was the most bountiful harvest since 2007 when Romania joined the EU. From 2017 to 2019, the yearly harvest has topped 10 million tons.

The highest yields were in western Romania and some southern and eastern regions,  the ministry said.

The Group on Earth Observations Global Agricultural Monitoring Initiative gave Romania an “exceptional” rating for its harvest,” the ministry said.

Romania’s bumper wheat crop is set to leave its silos saddled with the most grain, a stark reversal from last year’s tight supplies.

Last year,  Romania’s wheat output fell sharply to a paltry 6.4 million tons due a prolonged drought that dried up 40% of the crop.

The increased supply will also revive exports in the season that just started, with sales outside the EU forecast to grow.

Romania is the second largest grain seller among European Union states. Like France and Russia, it is a major exporter of cereals to the Middle East. Egypt is the main buyer.

There was a record barley harvest of 1.88 million tons. Rapeseed harvest was also high, although final figures aren’t known yet.

Drought hits 1.1 million hectares in Romania, risking stress on grain supplies-agriculture minister




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