‘Danube Delta’ caviar gets European recognition

salata de icre de stiuca/ danube delta caviar. source: agriculture ministry
salata de icre de stiuca/ danube delta caviar. source: agriculture ministry

Danube Delta salted pike roe salad, a 19th century dish which benefits from 20th century technology, has won European recognition.

The distinction protects the dish’s reputation and allows producers to promote the local delicacy globally.

The dish was given the European Commission’s Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) recognition on May 28, the agriculture ministry said Friday.

The EU said the dish was “a white/yellowish-white cream based on sunflower oil and comprising min. 29 % roe. It must include at least 15 % whole grain salted pike roe and 14 % salted Danube Delta fish roe”

It is mixed with carbonated water and lemon juice.

It said that ‘salată cu icre de știucă de Tulcea’’ has a specific flavor of fish roe. It is  rounded off and highlighted by the flavor of Danube Delta fish roe.

The product “has a refined and pure aroma, typical of such preparations of salted and matured freshwater fish roe. When the roe grains burst, they produce a gentle crunchy sensation on the tongue and in the mouth. And this aroma intensifies.”

There is a  difference between ‘Salată cu icre de știucă de Tulcea’ and similar products of the same category. The Tulcea recipe is only made in the geographical area with high pike roe levels, documents said.

Salata cu icre de știucă de Tulcea’ represents the local tradition of fish processing, the documents said. It has has evolved from harvesting and consumption of raw roe in the 19th century to processing it for modern cuisine in the 20th century.

The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) is a status awarded by the European Commission. The distinction protects and promotes named regional food products that have a reputation or noted characteristics specific to that area.

It is the tenth Romanian food product to win EU protection.

First the Danube kipper and Transylvanian dry sausage, now Romanian matured cheese gets ‘European status’




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