Romania’s centrist Liberal-led government survives no-confidence vote

Foto: INQUAM/George Cîţu

Romania’s centrist coalition government easily survived a vote of no-confidence by the opposition Social Democrats on Tuesday, reaffirming its majority as it plots its way out of the  pandemic.


Some  201 lawmakers voted in favor of the motion to topple Prime Minister Florin Citu, well short of the 234 votes need to pass.

The censure motion was captioned “A FAILED Romania. The fantastic record of the Citu government”.

Falling living standards

The Social Democrats assailed the government for what they said was falling living standards caused by a decision to freeze state pensions and wages ,and burgeoning household energy bills.

The government responded that it expected 7% growth this year with increased investment. Foreign capital is  particularly expected in Bucharest and the northwest city of Cluj.

The government also expects businesses and domestic consumption to recover after contracting during the  coronavirus lockdowns.

Successful government

“The economy and Romanians’ incomes are increasing, interest rates are falling. That’s what a successful center-right government means. Eurostat has shown that purchasing power is bigger in Romania than in Hungary, Bulgaria or Greece”, the ex-banker told legislators.

The European Union member state saw its economy contract less than expected last year. However, the recovery has fueled a spike in consumer price inflation.

Ruling Liberal Party head Ludovic Orban, who hailed the outcome of the vote, told reporters: „Our governing coalition is still working … The (no-confidence) motion was a soap bubble, today this soap bubble burst.”

EU funding

Sponsors of the motion criticized the government for the projects it submitted its plan for EU pandemic-relief funding.

They accused it of cronyism_ planning to hand out funds to companies and consultants connected to the government.

The government has sent its proposal for funds to the European Commission at the eend of May. It can draw up to 29.3 billion euros.

EU tells Bucharest critics to chill: Discussions on Romania’s Recovery Plan ‘normal and expected’.



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