Romania’s foreign ministry says it plans to reopen its embassy in Kyiv in the near future

Foto: INQUAM/George Călin

Romania’s foreign  minister says work is underway  to reopen the Romanian embassy  in Kiev in “one or two weeks’’ in the Ukrainian capital, reported.

„We are in the  technical process of preparing the reopening. We have worked very intensively in an inter-institutional format ….  We hope that, within a period of time of one to two weeks,  we will be able  to announce the reopening of our diplomatic mission,” he said  on Thursday.

Staff from the Romanian embassy in Kiev were  repatriated after Russia launched its invasion, but some countries are now sending their diplomats back a vote of confidence that the worst of Russia’s assault against the Ukrainian city may be over—for now at least.

Romania’s ambassador to Ukraine recently  traveled to  Ukraine and was in contact with Ukrainian authorities about the reopening,  Mr. Aurescu said on TVR, the public broadcaster on Thursday.

He added that „all  embassy staff  continued to work”, even though they were relocated to Bucharest.

He said the consulate general in Chernivtsi and the  consulate in Solotvino, they continued their work on the ground.

At least 17 countries have sent their diplomats back to Kyiv, mostly European Union and NATO members that are supporting Ukraine in fighting off the Russian invasion.

The return of foreign diplomats makes clear that there is a return to some semblance of safety in the Ukrainian capital after more than two months of Russian bombardment that saw Moscow’s forces come within 15 miles of the city’s center.

Among the countries sending their diplomats back to Kyiv to reopen their embassies are: France, Italy, Turkey, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Belgium, and Austria. The European Union also reopened its diplomatic mission in Kyiv this month.

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