‘Putin the Joker’. Romanian artists stage exhibition near Russian embassy showing horrors of war in Ukraine

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Rivers of blood. Charred corpses. Burnt teddy bears.

These are just a few of the exhibits in an outdoor round-the-clock exhibition by Romanian and Ukrainian artists showing the gruesome reality of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The central exhibit is a picture of Russian leader Vladimir Putin portrayed as ‘the Joker’  the supervillain and the archenemy of Batman of American comic books.

If the exhibition isn’t grisly enough, it is located close to Russia’s embassy on Boulevard Kisileff in central Bucharest. It will run for one month from Friday to May 28 and is headlined „Stop the War (in Ukraine)”.

The sculptures and other exhibits are the work of Romanian artists including Daniel Loagar, Alex Manea, Misha Diaconu, Mihai Rusen, Denis Nanciu, Sergiu Chihaia, Ion Alexandru and Cristian Seușan.

Artists are jokingly calling the exhibition “Special Artistic Operation” a reference to Putin’s mealy-mouthed euphemism for the war: “Special Military Operation.”

Ukrainian artists and Latvian artist Krišs Salmanis also displayed works. (https://ir.lv/zurnaals/617/.

The works can be seen online on https://standwithukraine.super.site/.

The artists say they are using their works to fight for peace and to encourage people to take action.

#StopRussianAggression #StandWithUkraine

More than 300 people protest in front of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest




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