Romania’s Liberals way ahead in opinion poll, but almost one-quarter of respondents undecided

IMAS, September/septembrie 2020
IMAS, September/septembrie 2020

Romania’s ruling National Liberal Party inched up to 34.7%, while the Social Democrats, the country’s biggest party slid to under 20% in the worst showing this year, according to an opinion poll out Friday.

The monthly poll was published two days before municipal elections and the results will be a good test of its accuracy.

The main takeaway from the September poll was the high number of undecided voters, almost one-fourth of those questioned.

The Social Democrats dropped to 19.6% in the September poll carried out by the Institute of Marketing and Opinion Polls (IMAS) the worst score since December 2019.

The survey asks respondents which party they’d vote for if elections were held next Sunday.

A signifcant 22.3% said they didn’t know how to respond and 5.2% said they wouldn’t vote.

The Liberals rose more than one percentage point from 33.6% in August, while the Social Democrats fell by the same amount.

The centrist Save Romania Union got support from 17% of those questioned, while the left-leaning Pro-Romania group polled 9.5%.

The Union of Democratic Hungarians scored 5.3%, while other parties got less than 5%.

The survey was carried out from September 7-23 and 1,010 were interviewed. It has a 3.1% margin of error.


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