Staycation videos wanted. Romanians invited to promote charms of local tourism

Romania’s hospitality sector has been battered by the coronavirus pandemic, with thousands of jobs at risk.

With the holiday season underway, many Romanians are keen to get away from home and enjoy the summer weather, whatever their budget.

Even for those who can afford to go abroad, foreign holidays can be risky with some countries, such as Malta and Finland banning holiday arrivals from Romania which has reported more than 38,000 cases of coronavirus. Others, including Greece, Austria and Hungary are imposing restrictions such as negative Covid-19 tests. The rules are also prone to change at short notice.

So, some are looking no farther than Romania, with its mountains, rivers, deltas, castles, old villages, Black Sea coastline and much more.

Tapping into the desire to get away, the economy ministry (or to use its full name, the economy, energy, and business environment ministry) has launched a campaign to support hoteliers, Airbnb hosts, inn and restaurant owners to encourage Romanians to rediscover the charms of their country and promote it online.  

The campaign, called ‘Be the ambassador of Romanian tourism!’ will also feature local celebrities doing video promos which will be posted on the ministry’s social media sites.

The ministry said the purpose was to give a boost to local tourism, which can offer “novel, safe experiences close to home,” it said in a press release.

The challenge is open to anyone who wants to support the local tourism sector, the ministry said.

“This summer it’s all about Romania. Let’s all be ambassadors for Romanian tourism. You too can be an ambassador of Romanian tourism,” the economy minister, Virgil Popescu said.


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