Timișoara, European cultural capital – an introduction

    Veszprém, Eleusis and Timișoara are 2023’s European Capitals of Culture.

    Averaging 30 events per week, the Romanian city’s schedule includes festivals dedicated to everything from punk and electronic music to figurative dance, green living and even coffee.

    The civic vigor of the inhabitants of Timișoara, which propelled anti-totalitarian resistance during the 20th century, is now considered the reference behind the spirit of Timișoara. The years following the political changes of 1989 showed that the values that shaped its personality suffered from the pressure of rapid demographic change.

    Today, Timișoara is a city of friendly people living together in peace, with over 40,000 students in eight universities, a vibrant creative sector and several prestigious cultural institutions. It benefits from economic development, especially in the automotive and IT&C fields.

    In 2016, the city won the title of European Capital of Culture for 2021, so Timisoara wants to become a place where cultural excellence gives its citizens self-confidence and the power to cause change through participation and involvement. Over time, we have proven that we can initiate transformations at crucial times. Our goal presently is to restore the capacity of citizens to initiate changes and contribute to a revitalized Europe, write the organizers.

    The full programme is available on the city organizers’ website.

    Timișoara kicks off European Capital of Culture


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