Top European official says it’s time for Romania to be admitted to Schengen

The European Union’s  Commissioner for Home Affairs on Monday said it was time for Romania to join borderless Schengen zone, something that has frustrated successive governments for years.

“I hope it happens soon For ten years the Commission has said Romania is ready for Schengen. We are trying to convince the Council to push it for Romania to become a full Schengen member,” Ylva Johansson said quoted by Agerpres.

Ms Johansson met Ukrainians at the Siret refugee camp in northern Romania and thanked Interior Minister Lucian  Bode for efforts to help in the relief work.

Tens of thousands have fled into Romania since Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24. There are currently about 35,000 Ukrainians in Romania.

Romania applied to join the borderless area in 2011, but  the Netherlands and France have expressed rule of law concerns.

“The EU greatly appreciates the work of Romanian authorities and people to help those fleeing war in Ukraine,” she said.

She also met Romanian President Klaus Iohannis in Bucharest during her one-day visit.

“I had a sober but ultimately uplifting exchange. Sober because of the gravity of the Ukraine situation but uplifting because of the resolve of the Romanian people to meet it and help Ukrainian people.

“I assured him of full European Union support.

Romania’s Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca gave the commissioner “a detailed update on the overall logistical situation regarding Romania’s refugee response to those fleeing war in Ukraine,” she said.

Schengen is a visa-free area of 26 European countries that have officially abolished all passport and all other types of border control at their mutual borders.

European Commissioner says Romania, Bulgaria should join borderless Schengen area


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