UK Chief of Defense: Western military, political unity is right response to Russia’s ‘unacceptable’ behavior in Ukraine

UK Chief of Defense Tony Radakin, British Ambassador Andrew Noble
UK Chief of Defense Tony Radakin, British Ambassador Andrew Noble

UK Chief of Defense Tony Radakin on Friday said the unity of Romanian and British political and armed forces was helping to protect allies after Russia invaded Ukraine.

The British chief officer was in Bucharest for talks Friday with Romanian officials about the regional security situation following the invasion which began almost three weeks ago.

Romania, a NATO member,  shares a border with Ukraine which is not in the Alliance. The conflict has created unease in Romania which suffered repeated Russian invasions over the course of its history.

“NATO countries like the UK, like Romania are coming together,” around the conflict, The Chief of Defense said. “We are partners with a strong military relationship.”

He credited strong military cooperation  „across all forces,” for the good relationship.

„Our Armies work closely together, our Navies work closely together. I am delighted that our Air Force is protecting the skies above us,” he told reporters in remarks made at the British embassy in Bucharest

“It is the unity of our militaries; it is the unity of the political response, responding to what has happened in Ukraine that keeps us all safe. (It) demonstrates to Russia how unacceptable Russia’s behavior is and how we will come together to both protect our own communities and support Ukraine .”

He said he’d had “very productive talks” with Romanian Chief of Defense Staff, Gen. Daniel Petrescu earlier Friday which went on for longer than planned.

He said Britain’s RAF would arrive in Romania next month as part of NATO’s defense of its eastern flank   “to protect Romania’s skies.”

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