Untold Festival brings city of Cluj 50 mln EUR

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The mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Emil Boc, announced that more than EUR 50 mln „have entered the city directly and indirectly” thanks to the Untold festival, News.ro reported.

People from over 100 countries attended the Untold Festival on August 4-7 in Cluj-Napoca.

Mayor Boc stated that this musical event, but also Electric Castle and the Transilvania International Film Festival contribute to attracting tourists to the city.

„We have an analysis dating from 2019 that shows that around EUR 50 mln entered the city directly and indirectly. Since this edition is the most numerous and the most consistent, the revenues are probably even higher. Beyond the local taxes and fees that are paid, there are horizontal financial flows”, he explained, adding that there’s more than the money at stake.

„The message it gives to the world is that the young people who will lead in 10-30 years can meet, stay together, learn to collaborate and not to fight”, stated Emil Boc.

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