UPDATE. Romania considering donating MiG planes to Ukraine for war effort

Romania is considering giving Ukraine military aid with an announcement expected during a visit by the foreign minister to Bucharest, an official has indicated.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dymitro Kuleba met Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca early Friday and will later meet Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu.

He is expected to ask for military aid to fight the Russian invasion, and  Romania has  indicated it will agree.

Mr Kuleba visited Bulgaria on Thursday to drum up support for Ukraine and ask for military aid,  but the government refused. Bulgaria historically has better relations with Russia than Romania and has no direct border with Ukraine.

Romania shares a 615-kilometer border and has three NATO bases on its territory.

Asked about the issue, the leader of Romania’s governing Social Democratic Party, Marcel Ciolacu said:

„Let’s be honest:  we have a 650-kilometer border with Ukraine. Nobody knows how the situation in Ukraine will develop.”

„It’s possible…. for Romania to donate MiG-21 planes,” he told RTV. “I don’t think such decisions will be made in secret…  It is normal for us as a state to be ready for any kind of development in Ukraine. We must defend Ukraine, this is obvious,” he added.

He stressed, however that this did not „mean that Romania will enter directly into this conflict with Russia. ”

He said Bucharest was obliged to offer aid as a European Union and NATO member and a strategic partnership with the United States.

Putin’s face projected on Romanian Lukoil refinery in protest at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine




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