VIDEO | Man who died crashing car into Russian embassy in Romanian capital posted ‘I’m a Ukrainian too’ night before his death

Sursa: FOTO: Facebook / Tudor Bogdan Teodorescu

A driver died ramming his car into the gate of the Russian embassy in Romania early Wednesday, police said.

Police identified the man as Bogdan Draghici, as a lawyer who had received a 15-year sentence for raping his daughter the previous day.  On Tuesday evening, he posted a lengthy message on his Facebook page saying: „I’m a Ukrainian too!”

A video recorded before firefighters arrived showed the front of the car in flames as it remained wedged in the gate.

Reports said he locked the doors and set light to himself. He was declared dead at the scene.

Mr. was sentenced to 15 years and four months for raping his stepdaughter on Tuesday. The ruling wasn’t final.

He was due to stand trial on Wednesday on charges of raping his own daughter.

He was previously the head of the TATA Association, an organization dedicated to protecting fathers’ rights.

On Tuesday, he posted a long message with a gallery of photos on his Facebook page about the war with pictures of him with his daughter and others during a visit to Kiev in 2019.

„I’m a Ukrainian. It would be wonderful if we all thought of ourselves as Ukrainian until this horrible war which is endangering all humanity ends!” he wrote.

Police said they were investigating.

Romania said on Tuesday it would expel 10 Russian diplomats in connection with spy-related activities, following similar expulsions in other European countries.

About 625,000 Ukrainians have fled to Romania since Russia invaded their country on Feb. 24. Some 80,000 have stayed.



Romania expels 10 diplomats with suspected spy-agency links amid global outrage after Bucha killings


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