VIDEO | Romanian man faces charges after threatening people with replica gun

A Romanian man terrified shoppers in a supermarket car park after he threatened them with a replica gun.

Police said Monday they believe that the man was intoxicated and may have been acting out a fantasy that he was starring in a movie.

Romanian armed police arrived at the scene and discovered the gun was not a real one and the man was inebriated, a statement said.

Police said they received a call for help at the end of law week after a man appeared in the supermarket car park in the 6th district brandishing the gun and threatening passers-by.

Footage shows a man dressed in jeans, trainers and wearing a cap carrying what looks like a rifle.

“Police went to the spot and found the man holding a weapon which he was threateningly aiming towards people,” the statement said.

“He was drunk and probably imagined he was in the main character in a movie.”

Police immobilized the unnamed man and discovered the weapon wasn’t a real gun.

Police took him to the station for questioning. They will decide what charges to press against him.


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